Friday, May 17, 2013

Ensign Bryan Dies at Bladensburg, Victim of Duel May 1814

               A very aggavated [sic] case of duelling [sic] occurred neat Bladensburgh the other day.  It was nothing less than a gross and palpable murder.  If this species of crime is to escape punishment by the parties crossing lines of particular jurisdiction, justice is nothing but a mockery.  We understand that ensign Bryan [1] was the name of the person slain.  His murderer ought certainly to be arrested for trial.  If an appeal to the duel is ever to be allowed, it must be where the provocation is deadly.  According to the modern practice, however, a few harsh words uttered in hot blood, are immediately followed by pistols; and every fop, sporting with human life, may strut the man of honor. - Balt. Whig. [2]

[1] The Panoplist (and Missionary magazine) conducted by an association of friends to evangelical truth. 1814. Samuel T. Armstrong, Boston.

"In the district of Columbia Ensign S. H. Bryan murdered in a duel by a Lieutenant of US army. Bryan's pistols missed fire twice."

[2] The Delaware Gazette.; Date: 05-02-1814; Volume: I; Issue: V; Page: [3]; Location: Wilmington, Delaware.
Transcribed by John Peter Thompson, May 17th, 2013.

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