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Not paying debt results in prison time, Prince George's County, Maryland July 4, 1814

Prince George's County Court,
April Term, 1814.[1]

            ON the application, by petition in writing, of Charles L Gantt, of Prince George's county, to the Court for the benefit of the Act of Assembly, passed at November session, eighteen hundred and five, entitled "A Act for the relief of sundry insolvent debtors." And the several supplements thereto. — A schedule of his property and a list of his creditors on oath, as far as he can ascertain them, being and next to in said petition, and the court being satisfied by competent testimony, that the said prisoner is a citizen of the state of Maryland, and that he had resided therein but to last years preceding is application, and they also satisfied that the said Charles L. Gantt is now in actual confinement for debt, and the said petitioner having entered into bond with security for his appearance in this court, on the first Monday in September next, and then and there to answer such allegations as may be exhibited against him by his creditors. It is thereupon ordered and adjudged by the said court, that the said petitioner be discharged from imprisonment, and the said first Monday in September next is appointed for the said petitioner to deliver up his property and to have a trustee appointed for the benefit of his creditors. And it is ordered, that the said Charles L Gantt, by causing a copy of the foregoing to be published once a week for three months successfully in the National Intelligencer before the said first Monday in September next, give notice to his creditors that they be and appear before the court on the said day to recommend a trustee for their benefit.
                                    JOHN READ MAGRUDER, Clerk
                                                of Prince George's County Court.

June 8 -v3m

[1] Daily National Intelligencer; Date: 07-04-1814; Page: [1]; Washington (DC), District of Columbia.

Transcribed by john Peter Thompson, July 4th, 2014.

n.b.: Incarceration of debtors was a common practice in the United States at this time

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