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News from Bladensburg November 1, 1854 - Planters' Advocate

From Bladensburg
Planters' Advocate
November 1, 1854
Maryland Archives

                                    BLADENSBURG,  Oct. 31, 1854.
            This village has considerably improved since its incorporation. Several dwellings have been created or repaired—others are in progress or contemplated.  Nearly all of the houses are painted; and the pales along the streets are mostly new and whitewashed. Altogether, quite as favorable change has occurred within the last five months.
            The corporate authorities intend to improve the Spa Spring.  The water of the spring is said to be equal to any in this State; and is deservedly esteemed by the citizens of this District and the District of Columbia. The Spa Grove also sustains an enviable reputation, and is visited by thousands of "pleasure seeking-folks."  The bridges near the Spa are in a lamentable condition, notwithstanding the urgent petitions which have been directed to the proper authorities to repair them. It is my opinion they never will be repaired unless the citizens of this place to the work.
            If a responsible person was to build a large and good boarding-house near the, He Would Soon realize a handsome pile.  About 20 borders could be obtained throughout the warm months; and the expenses could be nearly defrayed by the sale of liquors and eatables to visitors.
            Mr. EDWARD W. DUVALL has nearly recovered from the effects of his frame with the two Germans. This affair is much to be lamented.
It has been very cool here for several days; and there have been some heavy frost.  The trees also owshtheir effect.  I think we will have a hard winter, if there is anything in signs.
            The crops are better than anticipated. The farmers have finished sewing their wheat, &c., and are now engaged in digging their potatoes, and in pulling or housing their corn.
                                                                                                                  L. U. AND  C.[1]

[1] Maryland State Archives. (Nov 1, 1854) Planter's Advocate Collection. MSA SC 3415. msa_sc3415_scm3597-0187  
Transcribed by John Peter Thompson, 1 November 2014.

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