Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Music for Sale in Washington, D. C., January 11, 1814

Daily National Intelligencer; Date: 01-11-1814; New Music Advertisement; W. Cooper Music and Book Store, Wash


W. COOPER has just received, at his Music and Book Store, Pennsylvania Avenue,
The celebrated Follia di Spagna, with variations for the Piano Forte, composed by Mazzinghi.[2]

The Victory of Salamanca, with accompaniment for the violin, by Gildon.

The Battle of Trenton[3]

Decatur's Victory

Hull's Victory[4]

The Wounded Hussar, with the new Song "Lawrence the brave"[5]

[1] Daily National Intelligencer; 
Date: 01-11-1814; Volume: II; Issue: 320; Page: [1]; Location: Washington (DC), District of Columbia

[Transcribed by John Peter Thompson, January 11, 2014]

[2] Joseph Mazzinghi (1765–1844) was a British composer.

[3] J.Hewitt The Battle of Trenton

[4] Cracking Chestnuts: Hull's Victory Contra Dance (Ed Larkin Dancers)

[5] Irish fiddle Air -The Wounded Hussar

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