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Specialty Items for Sale in Washington DC January 19, 1814 at David Ott's


               Respectfully inform the citizens of Washington and the Public in General, that they are now open at their Genuine Drugg [sic] and Medicine Store, a variety of
Consisting of
Very fine Penknives, Razors, Scissors, and Surgeons instruments, and find cutlery in general.
Spectacles, green concave and convex, Opera and Pocket Spy Glasses.
Plain, Fancy, and Sword Canes, Riding Whips and Thongs of every kind.
One case of very fine FRENCH GOODS,
Very superior quality Tools, Nails, Hair, Shaving, and Cloths Brushes.
A variety of sweet scented Pomade and Soap.
Cologne, Orange, Flower, and Lavender Water.
Antique Oil.
Coral Dentrifice and Opiates for the Teeth.
All of a quality superior to any ever offered for sale in this District.
A large assortment of
Gentlemen's and Ladies' Pocket Books and Purses.
Gentlemen's Blank Books & Pocket Almanacs for 1814
Pearl, Shell, and Horn Pocket Combs, Dressing and fine Tooth Combs.
Two cases of various Spanish Segars [?] containing 23,000 each.
All of which they offer for sale, wholesale or retail.
Lee's Patent Family Medicine,
As above.
Also, [illegible] Colombian Calendar for 1814.
December 18 [1]

[1] Daily National Intelligencer; Date: 01-19-1814; Volume: II; Issue: 327; Page: [4]; Location: Washington (DC), District of Columbia.

Transcribed by John Peter Thompson. January 19th, 2014.

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