Monday, March 3, 2014

Gen. A. T. Mason, of Virginia, is no more - Duel at Bladensburg Feb. 6th, 1819

Alexandria Gazette Office,
Saturday; Feb. 6 —1 P. M.

            It has become our painful duty to announce that Gen. A. T. Mason, of Virginia, is no more. He this morning fell in a duel with J. M. McCarty, Esq. the parties met at Bladensburg, Maryland, at 10 A. M. with Marine muskets, and fought at the distance of 10 paces. General Mason received Mr. McCartney's fire in the heart, and instantly expired. The latter was wounded in the arm, but not severely. Mr. McCarty, accompanied by his friend, arrived in town at 12 o'clock. The sensation produced among our citizens, at this truly heart–rending intelligence, has never been equaled; and among the variety of rumors it is impossible to obtain all the circumstances correctly.

            The quarrel originated at the last election for Congress in Loudon County, Virginia, when gen. Mason was the democratic candidate. A long controversy ensued in the public prints, and it was believed that the interference of friends had amicably adjusted the difference. But the event has proved otherwise;— the arbitrary rules of honor have demanded that blood should be shed, and the life of general Mason has been the sacrifice. Both the parties were of high standing. The deceased was the late senator in congress from Virginia, and the survivor elected last spring a member of the house of delegates.[1]

[1] Alexandria Gazette & Daily Advertiser; Date: 02-08-1819; Volume: XIX; Issue: 5456; Page: [2]; Location: Alexandria, Virginia.

Transcribed by John Peter Thompson. March 3rd, 2014.

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