Monday, March 3, 2014

Notice to construct a Turnpike from Baltimore to Bladensburg, Maryland - 1814

            The President, Managers and Company of the Washington and Baltimore Turnpike Road hereby give Notice —

            That Plants of the said Road have been lodged as the law directs, in the County Clerk's Office of Baltimore, Ann , and Prince George's; and it is intended to commence making said Road from Baltimore on the first day of April next.  This toad will run from Pratt-street [Baltimore] across Gwynn's falls, a little below Mrs. Carroll's Mill, and continue in a straight a line as the nature of the ground will permit, (keeping always to the left of the old road to Norwood's Ferry; from thence to McCoy;s Tavern to Vansville [Beltsville, Prince George's County] , and to Bladensburg.

            This is to require all persons over whose lands the said road may pass, to make known to the said President and Managers, whether they intend to claim any damages on account of the road passing over their lands, in order that a jury (if necessary) may be called to adjust the same as the law directs.
                     March 21                                            2aw8t [1]

[1] American & Commercial Daily Advertiser; Date: 03-25-1814; Volume: XXIX; Issue: 4632; Page: [4]; Location: Baltimore, Maryland.

Transcribed by John Peter  Thompson. March 2nd, 2014.

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