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June 27th 1814 BARNEY VICTORIOUS!, Deserters, and Sales - Baltimore Patriot

Sunday Night , 9 o'clock.
            We stop the press to publish the following interesting information, just received from our correspondent at Benedict - - Nat. Int.
            BENEDICT,  JUNE 26
            Sunday morning 6 o'clock
            "There has been since day–break they continued firing in St. Leonard's creek.   Having been this morning on a high hill above this place, I have both seen and heard it.
            The mass of several very large British vessels are distinctly seen with a glass over the land which intervenes, and the smoke of every gun is visible as it rises above the trees.
            We are in fear for Barney, the British having been greatly reinforced, as appears by the number of vessels there. On the first news which reaches us of the results, I will write you."
Postscript No. 2. 
Patriot office, 3 o'clock Monday.
            We have just seen a gentleman from St. Leonard's Creek, whose date, that
On Sunday morning Com. BARNEY attacked the enemy, consisting of a razee and frigate, and after an action of one hour and a half, compelled them to set sail and stand down the River —  the Commodore then come [sic] out of St. Leonard's Creek and stood up the Patuxent.
            On their way down, off point patients, the British part Dr. Somerville's house. The British were set fire to three times by hotshot.— Three killed and eight wounded on board the Flotilla.
                                        United States,
Maryland District.
By virtue and pursuance of an order to me directed, from the Hon. James Houston Esq.  judge of the District Court of the United States, in and for Maryland District, will be exposed to Public Sale, at the lower end of Frederick–street Dock, on FRIDAY, the first day of July next, at 11 o'clock, for cash,
The Schooner
her Tackle, Apparel, and furniture, as she now lives.
THOS. RUTTER,  Marshall.
June 24
On TUESDAY, the 28th inst. at 10:30 o'clock, at the Auction Room head of Frederick Street Dock
A Variety of Dry Goods,
And at 12 o'clock,
10 pipes French Brandy (high proof & well flavoured, warranted pure, as imported)
50 cases Old Claret, imported in 1810
11/2 pipes Teneriffe Wine
15 cases Martinique Cordial
five have pipes Madeira Wine
12 hhds Muscovado Sugar
50 bags St. Domingo Coffee
10 tierces fresh Rice
three chests Hyson Skin Tea.
                                    Wm. VANCE & Co, Auc'ts
June 25
Charitable Marine Society of Baltimore.
The Stated Yearly Meeting of this Society, for the election of officers, collection of dues, and the transaction of other important business, will be held on MONDAY, the 27th instant, at 7 o'clock, P. M. At Pamphillion's Hotel, Fell's Point.
            Punctual attendance of the members is respectfully requested on this occasion; and the payment of all arrearages and dues is most earnestly solicited.
            By order of the Pres.,
June 23
50 Dollars Reward.
DESERTED on the 23d inst. in full uniform, which he may have since changed, WILLIAM HUTTON, born in Cumberland county,Penn aged 27 years, 5 feet, 10 1-2 inches high, fair complexion, grey eyes, black hair and by profession a Shoe Maker, but is fond of driving horses, and has been hired for a siege driver; as a mother and several relatives in Baltimore, where it is supposed he is now lurking. The above reward will be given to any person who will take up said deserter and deliver him to the commanding officer of this place, or by any other officer to whom he may be delivered, who commands a post, Garrison or district.
                             F. EVANS Capt. Art.
Fort M'Henry.
June 24
On Friday Evening, t10th inst. a White Trunk marked G. Paul, Baltimore, with leather straps buckled on each in, was missed from our store, containing very valuable Goods.
            It may have been delivered to some person in mistake, in which case a generous reward will be given for its return, if required; but is stolen and any of the articles enumerated below offered for sale, we caution the public against purchasing them, and offer a large reward for the chief if convicted of the act, or $100 for the recovery of the goods— contents as follows:

22        India Mulmul embroidered Dresses
16        do                    do        Children's Frocks
7          pieces colored cambric Shawls
2 1-2   do 8-4 Levantine Shawls
5          do embroidered        do        do
8          doz. Ladies' short white Kid Gloves
6          do        Silk Handkerchief
3          band–boxes fringed playing Ribbons, Nos. 3,4, and  4-7
1          band–box Silk Cords, 35 pieces.
                        WM. M'DONALD & SON.
            The National Intelligencer, at Washington will please copy the above eight times, daily.[1]


[1] Baltimore Patriot, published as Baltimore Patriot & Evening Advertiser.; Date: 06-27-1814; Volume: 3; Issue: 151;Page: [3]; Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Column six right side of page complete trasncribed by John Peter Thompson, 25th June 2014

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