Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Valuable Mill in Bladensburg to be Leased - 1813


ON Thursday the 17th inst. will be offered to the highest bidder, on the premises, on a lease of ten or fifteen years (if not before leased by private bargain) for so much money paid down, or to be paid in one, two or three years, with interest, the Bladensburg Mill, with about 30 acres of ground attached to it.  The advantages of the situation, from its contiguity to a good grain country, from its being at the head of tide water, where boats may be loaded and unloaded, and from the command which it has of a most copious and unfailing spring of water, render the property highly valuable and make it a peculiar manner worth the attention of personas wishing to engage in the manufacturing business.  Application to be made to Daniel Brent, in the city of Washington, or to the subscriber, at Green Hill, Prince George's county.
                                                                                        Wm. DUDLEY DIGGES.
               June 4 [1]

[1] Daily National Intelligencer; Date: 06-09-1813; Volume: I; Issue: 137; Page: [1]; Location: Washington (DC), District of Columbia.
Transcribed by John Peter Thompson, June 9th, 2013.

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