Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bartram's Botanical Garden _ Catalog cover - 1814

Bartram's Catalog 1814 from the Special Collections of the National Agricultural Libray
(USDA ARS NAL) - Beltsville
               We return thanks to our friends for many valuable presents of rare plants, which have served to increase the variety and usefulness of our collection; and to the public for their encouragement, which has enabled us to render the farden worthy of the general resort of travellers, and the lovers of horticulture.
            The following catalogue contains the names of all the plants, both domestic and foreign, which are cultivated and for sale at the Kingsess Botanic garden, - where are disposed of, seeds of American and foreign plants, on the most reasonable terms.

            N. B. The curious, by making timely application, may be furnished with dired specimens of American and foreign plants, &c.

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