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For Sale in Baltimore - June of 1814 - Only Day's Ride from Bladensburg, Maryland


The subscribers have for sale at their

                                                                                No. 65, Market-street,
The Following Goods

Which will be sold wholesale and retail at the lowest prices for cash, or approved paper at short dates.

65 chests, half chests
   & caddie boxes, Im-
  perial, "old Hyson,
  Yg, Hyson, Hyson
   Skin and Souchong
   Teas. Also, superior
   Quality Black Teas,
   Such as out up for
   the English market
   Muscovado Sugars
   Loaf & & Lump Sugar
   Green and white Cof-
   Fee in bags & bbls.
   White Havana Sug-
   Brown do   do
   Sup. qual. old Chew-
      Ing Tobacco in ib.
      twists; 3-1-2 years
      old and fit for pres-
      ent use.
   Rappe and Scotch
      Snuff best Haavana
      Segars in boxes and
      Half boxes.
   Glauber Salts in bls.
      and kegs, Madder
      in bbls. and kegs,
      Dupont's Powder in
      kegs and pound pa-
      pers, also Powder in
      kegs and pound pa-
      pers, also Powder
      from the Aetna
     powder Mills, war-
      ranted to be of good
      quality, &c. sold at
      the factory prices,
      patent shot all si-
      zes, Juniper berries
      in bbls. scented.   

   Soaps in small box
   es, Champagne and
Old Claret Wines,
Choice Old Port and
   Madeira Wines in
   pipes, or casks & in
   bottles, a part a lon
   time in bottles and
   recom'd to those u-
   sing it medically.
Cherry & Lisbon wine
Palma Wine, nearly
   equal to Port and at
   half price.
Fig Blue on boxes and
   half boxes.
Writing & Wrapping
   paper, Playing Cards,
   Ink Powder, Castor
   Oil in bottles, Sweet
   Oil in do. Spermaceti
   Oil in [hhd]s. tierces
   And by retial.
Raisins in boxes and
kegs. Almonds in bls.
& bags. Prunes, Cur-
rants, Chocolate No. 1
and 3, in boxes and
half boxes, Brown and
White Soap in boxes,
Mould & Dip Candles
of the best quality -
blacking balls & cakes,
sugar boxes, Sperma-
ceti Candles, White
Wax do. Cordials on
tap & in bottles, old
American Cheese -
Pine Apple do. &c.  

     Who have in pipes and on tap fine old Cognac Brandy and old ARye Whiskey, also in bhds. on tap very choice quality old Spirits.[1]
               May 28                                                            t&s6t

[1] Baltimore Patriot & Evening Advertiser.; Date: 06-16-1814; Volume: 3; Issue: 142; Page: [1]; Location: Baltimore, Maryland.
Transcribed by John Peter Thompson. June 16th, 2013.

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