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Church's "Organic" Skin Care Lotion for Sale at G & R Waite's in Baltimore 1814

Baltimore Patriot & Evening Advertiser.; Date: 02-10-1814;
Church's Skin Care Lotion
G & R Waite''s, Baltimore 


JUST received at G. & R. WAITE'S Truly Fortunate Lottery Office and Stationary Store, corner of St. Paul's lane and Market-street [Baltimore, Maryland, USA]—

a fresh supply of
Church's Genuine Vegetable
which effectively and speedily cure all eruptions and humors in the face and skin, particularly the following, viz:

Freckles— Shingles— Temples— Blotches—Tetters— Ringworms— Tan—Sunburn—Prickly Heat— Redness of the nose, arms, &c.— Scorbutic and Cutaneous eruptions of every description.[1]

               This Lotion is excelled by no other in the world. It has been administered by the proprietor for several years in Europe and America with the greatest success. By the ample application of this fluid, might and morning, it will remove the most rancorous and alarming scurvy in the face. It is perfectly safe, yet powerful, and possesses all the good qualities of the most celebrated cosmetics, without any of their doubtful affects. It is therefore recommended as a certain and efficacious remedy, and a valuable and almost indispensable appendage to the toilet, infinitely superior to the common tra[s]h — Cream drawn from Violets and Milk of Roses! Suffice it however to say, it has been administered to many thousands in the United States and West Indies, with the greatest and most unparalleled success, and without even a single complaint of its efficacy. A small bottle at 75 cents, will be found sufficient to prove its value.[2]

               †‡†A few bottles of CLOUT genuine Durable Ink for Writing on Linen with a pen, may be had as above — price 50 cents.[3]
               april 29[4]

[1] TETTER :  any of various vesicular skin diseases (as ringworm, eczema, and herpes).SCORBUTIC:  of, relating to, producing, or affected with scurvy. CUTANEOUS :  of, relating to, or affecting the skin. © 2014 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated.
[2] about $7.55 in 2010 dollars.

[3] about $5.16 in 2010 dollars.

[4] Baltimore Patriot & Evening Advertiser.; Date: 02-10-1814; Volume: 3; Issue: 34; Page: [4]; Location: Baltimore, Maryland.

Transcribed by John Peter Thompson, February 10th, 2014 

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