Monday, February 3, 2014

Margaret Adams - Estate Sale 1814


                On SATURDAY, the 18th day of March next, will be exposed for sale, all the remaining SLAVES late of MARGARET ADAMS, deceased — amongst whom are several valuable men and women servants.  Also, several Cows and Young Cattle, together with a Horse, a Sow, and all the Household Furniture, Farming Utensils, &c. &c. belonging to the estate.
               The sale will be at the house lately occupied by Margaret Adams in Bladensburgh; to be peremptory, and for cash, on delivery.  Any person wishing to purchase any part of this property at private sale, will please apply to RICHARD T. LOWNDES, ESQ. of Bladensburgh, who is authorised [sic] to dispose of the same, any time prior to the public sale.

                                                            BENJAMIN ARMITAGE.

               fEB. 3                                                                              CO19T* [1]


[1]  Federal Republican; Date: 02-07-1814; Volume: VIII; Issue: 1097; Page: [1]; Location: Georgetown, District of Columbia.

Transcribed by John Peter Thompson, February 3rd, 2014.

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