Friday, February 7, 2014

Groceries for Sale in Baltimore February 1814 - STILLES & WILLIAMS

Sugar, Tea and Coffee.
The subscribers are selling Sugar, Tea and Coffee, with an extensive variety of Groceries at prices much below what speculation had advanced them to — Apply to

Corner of Market and South streets [Baltimore, Maryland, USA]

Who have on hand,

A few bags of old Java Coffee
200 bottles Lemon Juice (in fine order)
20 qr. [?] casks Teneriffe Wine
2 puncheons Old 4th proof Spirits [1]
50 bags Bordeaux Almonds
A few dozen bottles Japan Soy (a scarce and highly esteemed Catsup)
10 kegs pure Ground Ginger
100 boxes Mould and Dipt Candles, all sizes
and warranted to burn well
Spermaceti and White Wax do.
10 kegs Sweet scent Chewing Tobacco,
(that will be sold very low)
White and Yellow Soap in boxes
Mace, Nutmegs, Cloves and CAssia
10 boxes best Fig Blue
A few bottles India Curry (much admired and very scarce)
A few doz. Jars Pickled Oysters
India Straw Passage Matts
Burgundy, Claret & Vin de Grave
in cases of oe doz. bottles
Maderia [sic] and Port Wines in bottles and
on Tap, of choice quality
With a number of other articles, all of which will be sold at fair prices

Jan 19 [2]

[1] 1 puncheon = 318.226432 liters
[2] Baltimore Patriot & Evening Advertiser.; Date: 02-07-1814; Volume: 3; Issue: 31; Page: [3]; Location: Baltimore, Maryland.

Transcribed by John  Peter Thompson, February 7th, 2014.

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