Friday, April 26, 2013

Bladensburg, Maryland and Washington are Warned of War to Come - April 1814

                                                                                                         London, Jan. 2.
               As for Madison's warlike denunciations, they are not of a nature to disturb us very seriously.  We could wish that America were better governed; her misrule operates as a diversion in favor of the common enemy, and employs a British force which would be more gloriously engaged in restoring freedom to Holland, or confirming the deliverance of Spain; but the hour of retribution is at hand, and notwithstanding the gigantic efforts now making throughout Europe, there will be found a sufficient force to spare, to bring a conviction of their errors home to the American government, and punish them for their adherence to a vile and unnatural system of politics.[1]

[1] Federal Republican Date: 04-26-1814; Volume: VIII; Issue: 1115; Page: [4]; Location: Georgetown, District of Columbia.
Transcribed by John Peter Thompson, April 26th, 2013.

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