Monday, April 8, 2013

How far did Toby Reed get in 1809; did he find freedom?


               Ran away from the subscriber, a light coloured negro man, he is about twenty fice ro twenty six years of age; five feet six or seven inches high; he has lost one of the joints of his third finger, on which hand is not recollected; his clothing was an old fur hat, a negro cotton round about jacket, dark colored country cloth overalls, coarse stockings and shoes.  Whoever takes up the said negro man and brings him home, or secures him in any jail so that I get him again, if taken thirty miles from home, shall receive twenty dollars, if twenty miles fifteen follars, if ten miles eight dollars, and if out of the district of Columbia or the state of Maryland, the above reward.[1]

               The above negro calls himself Toby Reed.

               All persons are forwarned [sic] harbouring or employing him.

                                             JOHN WILSON of Henry,
                                                            Near Bladensburg.                    
               Aril [sic] 4, 1809.[2]

[1] One dollar in 1809 = approx. 13.866; $20.00 in 1809 = $277.32 in 2010; $10.00 = $138.66; $8.00 = $110.92

[2] Washington Federalist.; Date: 04-08-1809; Issue: 2066; Page: [4]; Location: Georgetown, District of Columbia.
Transcribed by John Peter Thompson April 8th, 2013.

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