Friday, April 12, 2013

Land for Sale near Bladensburg - Beall farm - April 1814

By virtue of a decree by the honoeable
Chancellor of Maryland

                    The subscriber will expose to public sale on the premises, a 11 o'clock in the forenoon on Wednesday the 20th day of April next, if fair, if not the next fair day.

                    About 230 acres of land, the residence of the late John Beall, situated about three fourths of a mile above Bladensburg, west of the present road to Baltimore, and bounded by the same - bounded also west and north-west by the lands of Wm. D. Diggs, Esq. and Capt. Leonard M. D[e][a]kens - the improvements upon the property, are a frame dwelling house, a tobacco house or barn, 24 by 48 feet, and some other small buildings.  There are about 15 aces of wood-land, but a good deal pillaged, and about 8 or 10 acres of second growth; the balance available, and adapted to the growth of Indian corn, and small grain of the various kinds.  A more minute description of the property is deemed unnecessary, as it is assumed that persons inclined to purchase, will view it previous to the day of sale, which may be seen by application to Mr. Charles Spickna, living on the premises, or to the subscriber in Bladensburg.  

                    The terms of sale will be, that the purchaser give bond to the subscriber with approved security, conditioned for the payment of the purchase money, with legal interest thereon; and not before - the subscriber is authori[s]ed  to convey said property by a good and sufficient deed, true, clear and discharged, from all claim, of the purchaser
                                             THOMAS BOWIE, Trustee.

                    Bladensburg, March 28, 1814 April 2 - [1]

[1] Federal Republican; Date: 04-12-1814; Page: [2]; Location: Georgetown, District of Columbia.
Transcriber by John Peter Thompson, April 12th, 2013.

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