Monday, April 22, 2013

Fine Wines to be had near Bladensburg 200 years ago - April 1813


As received this day, at his Wine Cellar, th follwing articled, imported in the schooner Express, lately from Bordeaux, which he will sell wholesale and retail for a moderate profit:

Sparkling C hampaigne [sic] in Hampers of             50 bottles
Medoc in baskets of                                             12  do.[1]
St. Julien Red Wine in hampers of                          24 do,
Vin de Grave in boxes of                                       12 do.
Claret               in   do.    of                                  12 do,
Sweet Oil in baskets of                                         12 do,
Prunes in boxes of about 1[6] lb. each[2]                                                     
Cognac Brandy in pipes, of very superior quality.
He has also received from Baltimore
Fresh Boushong [sic] Tea,
Pichou  do.            do.
Padfoy    do.            do.
Table Salt in baskets,
Mould Candles, &c.

Georgetown, March 9 - [indecipherable][3]

[1] do. = ditto
Tuscan dialectal ditto "(in) the said (month or year)," literary Italian detto, past participle of dire "to say," from Latin dicere (see diction). Originally used in Italian to avoid repetition of month names in a series of dates; generalized meaning of "same as above" first recorded in English 1670s.
[2] second digit is hard to read could be 0, 5 or 6 (10,15 or16).
[3] Daily National Intelligencer; Date: 04-22-1813; Volume: I; Issue: 96; Page: [3]; Location: Washington (DC), District of Columbia.
Transcribed by Jophn Peter Thompson, April 22nd, 2013

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