Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Contrast " 1813 Politics of the Moment

The article from 1813 is entitled simply:


                While the good people of Boston are not only reposing in perfect security from the dangers and alarms of war, but actually celebrating the victories of the allies of Britain in Europe, the citizens of Norfolk, closely blockaded by the British, are momently [sic] expecting an attack with Congreve rockets, and preparing to defend their property and firesides against the enemy, and the inhabitants of Kentucky and Ohio are lamenting their friends and relatives, scalped, tomahawked and burnt, by the British allies at the river Raisin.

               Was this so in 1775?  Did the people of Virginia, in cold blooded malignant indifferent, quietly witness the sufferings of the citizens of Boston, Concord and Lexington?  Or are we now bound together by no ties of sympathy, interest or social compact as a people?  In 1775, Virginia was the first to make the cause of Massachusetts her own calamity, and cherish the idea of an African insurrection!  What changelings has mercantile cupidity made of men who called themselves patriots!  New-York too has been bleeding at every pore, and losing hundreds of her most useful citizens; while Connecticut, with less honor and good faith than a member of the confederation of the Rhine, or a chief of a tribe of Cossacs [sic] or Cherokees, has refused to furnish a single man to aid the common cause!

               What is the force of our constitution, our Congress and their laws?  Is the federal compact a rope of sand, more feeble than the old confederation!  And shall the people be compelled so to alter and strengthen the constitution as to enforce the execution of legal requisitions upon refractory states?  What is to be the result or remedy of this unnatural and detestable state of things?[1]   Colum.

[1]  Daily National Intelligencer; Date: 03-27-1813; Volume: I; Issue: 74; Page: [2].

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