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Voter eligibility requirements In Bladensburg, Maryland in 1800; How soon we forget

Eligibility requirements to vote In Bladensburg, 1800; 
How soon we forget ..from a Kentucky newspaper

            At the election in Bladensburgh [sic] district, prince George's county [sic], the judges has previously published there determination to admit no foreigner to vote who had some into this country subsequent to the declaration of independence, who could not produce a certificate of his naturalization.  It has been customary in Maryland to admit EVERY PERSON to vote in state elections, who has gained a residence in the state and county, who was wroth 30l[1].  After deceiving the democrats till two o'clock on the day of election, the judges proclaimed that the usual qualifications only were necessary, and that foreigners might vote as usual.  Behold! some prophetic spirit has informed all the anglo federal foreigners, some days precious that this would be the result; and they were of course, on the ground! but not one of the democratic foreigners were informed of the rescinding of the resolution, till it was too late for them to attend; perhaps to this trick the anglo-feds, owe more than the majority of 50, which they obtained at the place.[2]

[1] The transcriber is unable to assess the meaning of this amount...the amount 30 is clear but set below the line; the character following looks like an l but could be a 1.

[2] Stewart's Kentucky Herald; 11-04-1800; Vol: VI; Issue: 299; Page: [2]; Location: Lexington, Kentucky

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