Thursday, March 28, 2013

For Sale, 2000 acres by Benjamin Stodderd Bladensburg 1803

Note well the sales pitch for real estate in Prince George's County has changed little ... 

For Sale

               About 2000 acres of land on the East side of the Eastern Branch, and adjoining it, three miles from the City of Washington,  Vessels, drawing twelve feet water, may load at the landing, where there is tolerably good fishery.

               Near 400 acres of the land is a rich bottom, through which there are several streams of water, that turn a mill erected on the land, and which might be used to advantage in watering meadow [ ] a part of the bottom is now in Timothy grass and the whole is capable of producing grass in abundance and Tobacco.  There may be between 500 and 600 acres in wood, the rest is cleared land.  A part of the land adjoins a commodious brick dwelling house, with all convenient out houses and a large and handsome garden, but not in good repair, on the borders of the town of Bladensburg.

               This property so convenient to the City of Washington, which affords a market for grass and all other products of land, equal to any in the United States; so certain from its situation to rise in a few years, to a price several times as high as will now be taken for it, well deserves the attention of men of fortune.  The whole land including the dwelling house and improvements, and mill will be sold for [illegible hand written character; could be a 6; more likely the symbol for a pound sterling: £ ]10 per acre.  It is questionable whether the meadow ground alone is not worth all the money; it is certain that it might easily be made to pay more than the annual interest of the whole purchase. [1]     

BEN. STODDERT.         

               George Town, Nov. 15th 1803.

[1] Washington Federalist.; Date: 11-30-1803; Issue: 555; Page: [1]

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