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ST PATRICK'S DAY - Washington DC celebrates in 1813

a report from a local newspaper on March 20, 1813 about z celebration in the city of Washington, a mere hour or so from Baldensburg by fast coach


               A number of the Sons of Erin assembled at the house of Mr. Moss, near the Navy Yard to celevrate the festival of their Patron Saint; when Mr. Patrick Kain was called to the Chair, and after partaking of an entertainment, the following toasts were drank:

               The day we celebrate - Many happy returns os it to the Sons and Daughters of St. Patrick.  _ Music of St. Patrick's Day.

               The United States of America - an asylum for the oppressed - The true Sons of Erin will ever be foremost in supporting the rights and avenging the wrongs of their adopted country.

               The Army of the United States - May their past misfortunes prove to be only the prelude to future success.

               The Navy - It has in glorious victories gained by Hull, Decatur, Jones and Bainbridge, proved to the world that "Fir" is superior to English Oak.

               The Republicans of South America - Engaged in a good cause; may their efforts be crowned by success.

               The Band of Irish Martyrs - Orr, Tone, Fitzgerald, Emmett, and Co.  Sad but sweet the memory of departed worth.

               The memory of James Napper Tandy - Brtain can sacrifice her unnatural maxim at non-expatriation on the altar of necessity.[2]

               Ireland - Fallen alas is its state, degraded its condition! such are the effects of national disunion and religious discord - let Americans learn wisdom from so awful an example.

               The History of Ireland - The record of English crimes, of English oppression and English avarice.

               Our Countrymen of the Old Sod - May they extirpate the spirit of animosity from among them and cultivate that love of union which alone can effect their political salvation.

               Columbia the land of our choice, because it is the land of Liberty - Dear to us is that freedom we participate in, and for its preservation Irishmen will cheerfully risque their all.

               The President and Constituted authorities of the United States - The Magistrates and Legislators of a free peopple resolved to preserve their rights.

               The Ocean - Impious is the thought that a few proud Islanders shall monopolize the world's domain. 

               George Washington - His advice is good, his example better - may the former be ever cherished, the latter followed.

               Thomas Jefferson - A virtuous chief, whose services cannot, will not be forgotten by a grateful people.

               Hospitality - May Irishmen in America be ever willing to impart its rights to the helpless stranger.

               Our Countrymen throughout the United States - Experiencing the blessings of Freedom, it would be unatural [sic] to find them among our enemies.

               The Fair Columbia - May their favors be conferred on the friends of their country to the total exclusion of tories.[3]

[1] Daily National Intelligencer; Date: 03-20-1813; Volume: I; Issue: 68; Page: [3]; Location: Washington (DC), District of Columbia

[3] Frank Moore. 1876. The Diary of the Revolution: A Centennial Volume Embracing the Current Events in Our Country's History from 1775 to 1781 as Described by American, British, and Tory Cotemporaries; Compiled from the Journals, Documents, Private Records Correspondence, Etc., of that Period Forming an Interesting, Impartial, and Valuable Collection of Revolutionary Literature. J. Burr.

 A toast given in celebration of the Surrender of General Burgoyne's Armny at Saratoga, ew York in the Revolutionary War.

"May freedom peace and happiness be established in America extend throughout the world: -

While scenes of transport every breast inspire,
The muse too triumphs in her kindling fire;
Blest in this bliss she lifts a bolder wing,
Aids every wish and tunes the harp to sing,  
To their glad concert wakes the accordant strain,
And mingles with the music of the plain.  
                              "Joy to the bands!" her voice arose,  
                                             Who charmed that veteran host of foes;
                                                            Who bade Britain's glory fade,
               And placed the wreath on fair Columbia's head.            
Hail the day and mark it well,
When the scourge of freedom fell,
When your dawning glory shone;
Mark it freemen tis your own.

Now recount your toils with pleasure,
View the strife and sum the treasure,
Run the battles o'er again,
Sound the charge and sweep the plain.
Here behold the foe pursuing,
                              How he drives his headlong way,
               Whelming towns and realms in ruin,
                              Sure to seize the distant prey.

               Fear and faithless as tribes adore him,
                              Join the shout and yield him room;
               Now Albania fall before him,
                              Now rebellion learn your doom;
But dread Bemis to the skies
Bade the opposing stand and rise,
And arms dispute the day,
On that proud height
You dared the fight,
Till welcome night
Concealed their flight,
               And swept the war away.
Hail the day and mark it well,
When the scourge of freedom fell,
When your dawning glory shone;
Mark it freemen 'tis your own.
Again the well known hill they try,
Again they fall, again they fly,
               Again you sweep the field,
               Till thundering batteries cease to roar,
               They give the fancied conquest o'er,
                              And trembling thousands yield,
                                             Hail the day and mark it well,
Then the pride of Britain fell,
Then your dawning glory shone;
Mark it heroes tis your own.

               And soon the rival day shall shine,
               The task great Washington be thine,
                              To give it equal fame;
               Another vaunting host to thee,
               Now swell their pride now bend the knee,
                              To crown thy finish'd name.
               Then every glad blessing thy country shall lend
                              When her foes and her slaughter shall cease,
               Shall arise to the hero who bade her ascend
                              To conquest to glory and peace.  New York Packet October 25, n.d."   

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