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News from nearby Virginia - March 27, 1813


On MONDAY. the fifth of April next, if fair; if not, the next da fair day; will be offered for sale, at the Tavern of Captain George Williams,[1] in this place, for ready money - FIFTY SLAVES - belonging to the estate of John Gibson,deceased; consisting of men, women and children.'

                              JOHN SPENCE,
                              JAMES REID,

               Executors of John Gibson.

Dumfires, March 4.[2]

Williams Ordinary, Colonial Dumfries, VA

[1] Williams Ordinary, Colonial Dumfries, VA [Accessed March 27, 2013]
 "Williams Ordinary is believed to have been built in the 1760s, although the exact construction date is unknown. The building's symmetrical facade features header bond, a brick pattern rarely found in Virginia. This building was one of the most prominent structures in colonial Dumfries and reflected the port town’s importance and wealth. While the building is known as Williams Ordinary, records are unclear as to whether local tavern keeper George Williams occupied the structure during the 1700s. The building’s name has changed to indicate various owners or uses. It has been called Love’s Hotel, Old Love’s Tavern, the Brick Tavern and the Stagecoach Inn. Research is ongoing.”
Colonial Dumfries
“Founded in 1749 by Scottish merchants, Dumfries’ port rivaled those of Boston and New York. Dumfries became the Prince William county seat in 1759. Sailors, slaves, merchants and members of the influential Lee, Fairfax, Mason and Washington families frequented the town. By 1763, falling tobacco exports and silt clogging the port began Dumfries slow economic decline.”
What’s an Ordinary?
“The term "ordinary" was common in Europe and early America. These establishments provided travelers with an ordinary meal and sleeping space. Such places were also called taverns and Inns. Ordinaries were the social centers of a community where patrons met and exchanged news. Many taverns operated in Dumfries, but those operating in this building were likely among the finest.”
Text taken from sign.
[2] Alexandria Daily Gazette, Commercial & Political; Date: 03-27-1813; Volume: XIII; Issue: 3912; Page: [1]; Location: Alexandria, Virginia

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